Welcome to J.S. Cable Music Studio's Coaching Corner™!

Coaching Corner™ is our newest offering, designed to help you strengthen your musical skills from the comfort of your home studio. No interest in formal lessons? No problem. We got you covered!

Are you preparing for an audition? Are you looking for a budget-friendly solution to get focused feedback on your performance skills? Are you craving a no-nonsense, laser-focused response to your musical questions? Then Coaching Corner™ is for you!

Coaching Corner™ is currently under construction but is available. Here's what you can expect:
  • Four For Forty!!! Four key coaching suggestions for $40
  • Budget-friendly $40 coaching fee without the commitment of taking lessons
  • Secure online audition platform to create and submit your recording
  • Quick and timely feedback to get the information you need
  • Feedback from professional musicians working in the field
Head over to our contact page to reserve your Coaching Corner™feedback session now!